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President's Message

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On behalf of the American Institute of Oral Biology, it is my privilege to invite you to make our upcoming, milestone 80th annual meeting, and our subsequent meetings, an annual stop on your path of lifelong learning.


In many ways, ours can be considered a “boutique meeting,” primarily due to the limited meeting size, venue, seminar format and most importantly, the faculty which usually represents varying scientific disciplines, be that research or clinical practice., and to which attendees have unfettered access during the conference.


New attendees can be assured of a very warm welcome and will soon gain an appreciation for the professional spirit and camaraderie exhibited by so many returning veteran members. Many friendships have been made and renewed over the course of the years and many of our members have returned for decades, making our meeting their first priority for acquisition of new knowledge and continuing education.


Palm Springs, California was selected as the conference location for the 5th annual meeting in 1948 and has become our home as well as the site of the last 80 consecutive annual meetings.


There is much to see and do in the city, as well as the entire Coachella Valley, whether one is interested in the natural wonders of the desert or man-made attractions.


Attendees are encouraged to bring their families and spend some additional time either pre- or post-meeting taking advantage of the myriad attractions.


The lamp of knowledge shines brightly at our annual gatherings with its light expanding our horizons and revealing scientific advancements, which directly or indirectly will affect the oral and overall health of those, we are, indeed, privileged to serve.


Please consider participating in this upcoming milestone Annual Meeting.


Shahrokh Shabahang, DDS, MS, PhD,  President

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